2 Nephi 22: 2,3

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

September 27, 2010 I Killed My Dad!

Hello world!

Well this week is a special one because we are in the middle of transfers! E. Tibbs and I have parted ways and he will be on his way back to St. George tomorrow afternoon, in missionary terms I have killed my father. Então I am on a division with E. Lembranzi. He is a brasilian from my same group and is awesome. We actually can communicate really well too. We´re in his area which is in the city part of the mission, skyscrapers and the like, SO different from Grajaú. I will be staying in Grajaú for probably the next three months by the way.

This past week has been great! Last p-day we had a churrasco at our house with E. Orton and E. Griffin to send off E. Tibbs. It was a blast! We all became really good friends this transfer but they all are being transfered. Well I guess I have a new opportunity to make friends right?

The weather this past week was very rainy. We had thunderstorms every night and it was drissling for most of the days. We have a leak in our bedroom ceiling so we have a big bucket full of water in there next to my comps bed and I can hear the drops falling all night but the storms are really cool to listen to!

So last week we introduced Nila to Katia and Valeria and they all became best friends. They started having gospel study at Nila´s house. They always call us to come over during them and it gets kinda crazy sometimes but it was such a blessing. Nila has been helping Katia and Valeria progress so much and I think they will be ready for baptism soon because of her.

We have two other investigators that are marked to be baptized on the 16th, Yolanda and Jásson. They are the best investigators, they have no problem accepting commitments. Yolanda is pretty much ready for the water but I don´t know about Jásson. I think he has a crush on Yolanda so he is just kinda going with it to impress her but he has introduced us to his family and we´ve started teaching them so I think he´s in it for real.

We had house checks this week so Pres. and Sis. Jackson came to our house and gave it a look over. Our laundry machine thing is broken and our shower heater doesn´t work either so they gave us the go ahead to get them fixed or replaced! Hot showers here I come!

We baptized Nila on Saturday! She wasn´t sure about it but she did a lot of praying and when it was time she was sure it was the right thing to do. We spent the whole day by the chapel getting ready for the baptism because if something can go wrong it will. We had everything ready by three so we went to go get our stuff. When we got back at four someone had unplugged the font and it was empty! The baptism was scheduled for five so we turned the water back on and put a hose through the window and it was ready at five thirty. I didn´t do the baptism but I got to do the conformation on Sunday! I was so nervous but it went really well!

The irma´s we live with threw E. Tibbs a party last night and a ton of people from the ward came. He got tons of presents and they made a huge Palmerias (one of the soccer teams in São Paulo) cake. We had a tone of salgados too. Salgados are the general term for fried things with meat.

E. Tibbs and I jammed out to EFY last night and this morning we said bye. I hope all is well for him when he gets home. He was a great trainer and I learned a ton from him. What will come next? I don´t know but I do know that I am being helped and guided. Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts back home! I love you all!

Yours truly,
Elder MacLane Winsor Taggart

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