2 Nephi 22: 2,3

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010 Under My Umberella-ella-ella-ai!

Well hi there!
Another week has come and gone and while fall is descending upon all of you back home the weather down here is crazy! It was an oven down here last week, getting into the 90s. This week the weather took a turn and it is really cold now, and seeing how this is winter it´s as it should be. It is so nice here now. The rain is really cool cause it isn´t like normal rain, it is more like a mist that just goes all day. The other night we had a huge thunderstorm too! E. Tibbs said that is way weird and that we couldn´t remember there ever being a thunderstorm during his mission.
Our work is really going well right now. We started teaching Yolanda last week and she is amazing. She has an eye condition that makes it so she can´t read without crying but she still tried, so we had to get her an audio Book of Mormon. But the more amazing thing is she received an answer after the first visit. She said she prayed right before bed and had a dream where a giant parrot told her that everything we were telling her was true! haha! Hey an answer is an answer. Anyway she is marked for baptism in two weeks!
We actually have seven people marked to be baptized at the end of the month! (whether they all are is another story.) I think that probably four will get baptized. It´s a pretty funny story how it all happened. I had a division with E. Aguiar, who is both Brasilian and the DL, and we were only going to invite Yolanda and her neighbor (who is also way into the Gospel) but when we were visiting Katia and Valeria they started asking questions about baptism and he invited them too and they accepted. The story doesn´t stop there. The next day we were visiting Yolanda and found out that E. Aguiar (I was back with E. Tibbs at this point) only asked them TO COME to a baptismal service, so we had to go back to them all and clarify. They all still accepted! We have three others too.
I´m starting to love personal study! I read about a chapter a day, yes only a chapter, because I´ve been going way deep into everything and I´m finding stuff that I´ve never noticed before. It is amazing! The Book of Mormon is so true! And even the random chapters that don´t seem to have much when you just read them quickly are full of warm, gospely goodness! haha
We had interviews with Pres. Jackson last week. The Jacksons are so cool. Pres. Jackson is so nice and he has a really sincere desire to help and support the missionaries. He gave me a bunch of advice about effective study.
This weeks schedule was way wierd so we had a lot of random events. We spent some time with the elders in Residential Cocaia, E. Orton and E. Terxiera. E. Orton is so fun to talk to. We went to the temple this morning and we met up with them before and had a really fun time. I went through the temple in Português for the first time today and I understood almost everything! I was really nervous cause E. Tibbs told me he cried the first time. But it was way good. I have training tomorrow for all the new missionaries so that should be fun to see my old district again.
Anyway, things are going well. My testimony is growing stronger everyday and I´m grateful for the challenges. It is hard but I love it and even though I feel kinda useless at times because of the language, I know that I am being helped by the Lord. I hope you all are doing well back home. Enjoy the fall for me and don´t forget to write!
Much Love,
Elder MacLane Winsor Taggart

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