2 Nephi 22: 2,3

Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation. Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Get It Started!

Ola friends, family, and anyone else who has stumbled upon my blog!

I've created this blog to chronicle my mission in Brazil Sao Paulo Interlagos and share my stories, feelings, and opinions for everyone back home! Plus, this should be much easier for my less than tech-savvy parentals than having them email everyone.

Anyway, this time next week I will be in Brazil! It seems so incredible and scary that time has flown so quickly. It seems like I got my call weeks ago but it has almost been six months! I am so ready to get out of the SLC, but I'm going to miss all of you. The last six months have been such a blur but thanks to my ever OCD mom I got all my supplies and stuff months ago. I must say I'm pretty proud of my tie collection and I finally found the perfect red and white tie to finish it up! Unfortunately I've been told silk ties get destroyed by the heat and humidity so my efforts may have been in vain, of course...

My farewell speech (I call it a speech because it has always bothered me that we call them talks. It sounds so trivial and the people are speaking so it should be called a speech. whatever.) is coming along nicely. I gave it in single's ward a couple weeks ago but I think I'm going to tweak it a little bit. Sunday is probably going to be the last day I see most of you before I leave because I get set apart Sunday afternoon. Temple extravaganza on Monday! It's pretty much the only thing I can do other than pack.

I should be getting my visa, plane tickets, and name tags in the mail today! I'm so excited to be able to just touch my name tag! 'Elder Taggart' how awesome is that!?!

Right now, I am so excited to get out there and get started! I have been so scared lately but I just have to have courage and trust that whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen. I love all of you so much and hope to hear from you! My testimony is growing stronger everyday and I can't wait to share it!

Stay Classy,
MacLane Winsor Taggart


  1. I like the blog! Look forward to your speech Sunday. Wid

  2. Thanks for the email. You are going to make an awesome missionary. We are so excited for you.